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Who we are and what we are can be found within our mission statement; “Religion is the Biggest Hoax Played on Mankind”.

 Man invented Religion over 5,000 years ago due to fear and the lack of knowledge and insecurity with the world around him. It was an easy way to explain the unexplainable.

 There are over 4,200 different religions in the world today and 2 ½ billion of them are Christians who believe their right and the other 4,199 religions are wrong.

 The Bible to the Christian’s is like gasoline is to an automobile; it’s their rock they stand upon for their beliefs and faith.  It has been preached in every home in America for decades by the likes of Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and a cast of a thousand Evangelicals from fiery pulpits’ screaming over our Radio’s and Televisions’ that the Bible is the word of God and a blueprint for mankind throughout the world to follow even though there is no archaeological or physical evidence Jesus Christ ever existed except in the minds of those who invented him and those who believe in him. If anyone tells you differently; their lying! Remember, the definition of faith, is the belief in something you can’t see or touch.

America is one of the most religious nations on earth and yet it kills more of its own people than any other country. One out of four children in the US go hungry every day and more people are homeless and jobless in America then there are in some third world countries. Yet, America’s motto is “In God We Trust” and George W. Bush had more religious people in the White house than the Vatican; in the mean time the country is headed for the Outhouse. 

 The Constitution of the United States guarantees Religious Freedom for all its citizens but; that does not give them the right to poison the minds of our children and young adults with their fundamentalist’s views based on a book that is filled with myths and folklore from the minds of cave dwellers.

 The need for The Truth About Religion .Com can be found in Pittsburg Kentucky where Creationists have built a 27 million dollar museum from donations from Christians to teach the young and old that the world was created 6,000 years ago and anything that lived prior to that never existed. That my friend’s is downright lunacy when one realizes it takes starlight in the night sky over a million plus years to reach earth.

It is our goal every week to bring you the truth about religion by exposing the Bible for what it is along with the Christian Fundamentalists and their Religious Organizations who preach and profit by its existence at the expense of our children and the growth of mankind.      

Ivan P. Kovak


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